Tuesday, April 22, 2014

MAÁ SS14 Collection

Boys & girls will love these original handmade shoes, guaranteed. Give to your children a luxury new season! MAÁ means always style, high quality and comfort. Celebrities like Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani and Monica Bellucci chose MAÁ for their special little ones. All MAÁ creations are available in the best boutiques worldwide and online, in their official webshop.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy Easter!

Easter is arriving and Ingrid is ready for a well deserved holiday. Before to go, just a last visit at her school to meet teachers and classmates for greetings, kisses and hugs. Ingrid wears: "Charlotte" shoes, a handmade creation from Manuela de Juan SS14 collection; romantic jacket by La stupenderia Milano. We wish to you all a happy & choccy Easter!

© Photo by Il Mondo di Ingrid, Italy.
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Red to love

For your inspiration, here's a lovely outfit wore by Ingrid in these first weeks of Spring: red jacket from Blauer; leggings in organic cotton by molo kids (please notice the red & unmistakable star label); cool sandals in soft red leather from DE VRIES SS14 collection.

© Photo by Il Mondo di Ingrid, Italy.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

eden & zoe SS14 collection: inspired by the ocean, sweetest creations in cashmere for a luxury Summer

eden & zoe, the label specialized in cashmere clothing for children, after a successful Winter season, proposes a surprising Spring-Summer 2014 collection inspired by the ocean. Ultra soft 100% cashmere yarn takes shape into beautiful & mixable pieces, so light and comfortable, ideal for the warm temperatures. eden & zoe is luxury easy to wear, and your little girls will appreciate it!

Melissa Wang, Designer & Founder of the label, is mother of two "inspirational" girls, Eden and Zoe. They love the ocean (Melissa lives in California) and swimming in it. "...and watching its waves, playing next to it on the beach", says Melissa. "But above all, they are fascinated by the mystery of the ocean, with all its living creatures and the possibility of magic: mermaids, sea monsters and underwater kingdoms that lie beyond the deep blue. This collection aims to capture the feeling of exhilaration and wonder when you’re in the ocean. I have used an intricate intarsia wave pattern and a delicate bird’s eye knit to compliment the flowing silhouettes of the designs. The collection is presented in shades of blue, purple and gray with splashes of white and pink to evoke the spirit of the ocean. For the summer months, I have added pieces made from 100% cotton for added versatility and comfort. Due to popular demand, we have also extended our sizing up to size 10. I hope that you appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into knitting these designs and that as in nature, you can always find beauty in the details".

The cashmere by eden & zoe is easy to clean, no worries! You can hand wash or dry clean. The images above tells more than words. I invite you to visit the official site www.edenandzoe.com to explore the entire SS14 lookbook and the shop, of course. Every shopping experience with eden & zoe means always value purchases, high quality, international shipping and elegant bags to protect your precious cashmere. 

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Hüg Müg fashion magazine, Japan: a sneak view from the Vol. 7

To celebrate my 1st year of pleasant collaboration with Hüg Müg fashion magazine, the dear Naohito Miyagi (Editor in Chief) and Ryo Tanaka (Editor) this time gave me the lovely opportunity to tell more about my personal tastes & life, over the pages of the Vol. 7, in stores since the 26th of February. As you can see in the images above, I wrote about our home town Brescia, where we live surrounded of art and beauty. Walking in the city you can meet old Roman ruins! Brescia is placed near Garda lake and Iseo lake, two wonderful holiday destinations. That’s why I choose only the best, for me and my family! After, I told about our style (usually I wear the black colour, enlivened by gorgeous accessories or wild accents), mentioning some favourite luxury Italian brands. Ingrid loves the vibrant colours, but all depends by the design. Recently, she was invited to a classmate’s birthday party, celebrated in Santa Giulia Museum. For the Vol. 7 of Hüg Müg I selected few images to describe her chic simplicity: in a pic she wears a lovely dress in magenta nuance and a laurel wreath in paper realized during a workshop dedicated to ancient Rome. In a 2nd photo, she's showing to the Japanese readers a precious corner of Brescia. At home, she likes to stay cosy & minimal, but stylish (of course). Infact, in the 3rd photo, she looks perfect wearing a cool T-suit from Haas, the innovative Dutch label designed by the talented Talitha de Haas. Do you like the design details in her new bedroom? The Vol. 8 of Hüg Müg will be available the next 26th of April. Don't miss your copy!

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